Newsletter  February 2005
  Newlands Sinhala & Dhamma Sunday School

From the Editor

Minutesof the Parents' Group Meeting dated 28th July 2005

Following parents were present


Lalith De Silva

Seedevi De Silva


Maya Ganhewa

Jayamini Kariyawasam



Gamini Settinayake

Wimal Herath

Suranjith Aponsu

Akshika Kobbekaduwa

Jayantha Nanayakkara

Chitrananda de Alvis

Bandula Widanapathirana

Ananda Sirisena

Ranjith Nanayakkara

Pandula Wakkumbura

Mahinda Jayasinghe

Sara de Alvis

Wasantha Muthumala

Ranmalee Pahalawatta

Jayantha nanayakkara

Jeevaka Kobbekaduwa

Jayasena de Silva

Jagath Wijesooriya








Channa Ranasinghe,  Dhammika Muthumala,  Athula Wanasinghe, Geethani de Silva, Anoja Batuwantudawe

Gamini Settinayake chaired the meeting and started the proceedings . In the absence of the Secretary, Bandula took down the minutes

The items on the following agenda were taken up for discussion and necessary action

§         Program for Term 3- 2005

§         Teachers’ requests & proposals

§         Parents’ feedback

§         School Accounts for year 2004

§         Community languages week-Aug.2005

Office Bearers for the current term

§         Co-ordinator –      Mahinda Jayasinghe

§         Secretary –         Vajira Pahalawatte

§         Treasurer -           Athula Wanasinghe

§         Editor -                Wimal Herath


1.Program for Term 3 - 2005

1.1  M Class Training Program for Teachers and Parents ”The Role of Community Language in New Zealand”  Venue: Massey University, Wellington on 20th August 2005.

Gamini Settinayake requested to teachers and parents who are willing to participate in the M Class Program, to enroll, by filling the application forms. He mentioned that the course fee is15/= per participant, and requested the Parents’ group to approve payments from the school  funds. The funds were approved unanimously.

1.2. Sinhala Language Parent Training Workshop.

Gamini informed the availability of fund allocation for Language training workshop for parents and requested , Seedevi to give possible contribution to organize the workshop.

1.3  MCLASS Meeting.

Seedevi mentioned that as the teachers have to participate in the MCLASS  work shops once a term on a Sunday, the teacher’s helpers need to take over teachers’ duties on these days.

1.4 Curriculum Revision- Gamini requested the teachers to prepare a checklist for curriculum    revision so parents can respond easily on the checklisted items.

1.5 Gamini advised the meeting that Ven “Ma. Medhanandi” is not available for Dhamma Classes until October 2005.

1.6 Dhamma School “Sil Program”  Suranjith suggested that the Sil Program should be added to the School time table and asked teachers to take the responsibility of the program and parents to take responsibility in future.

Sarah Suggested having 2 Sil Programs per year.

2.Teachers’ requests & proposals

2.1  Seedevi mentioned some of the problems faced due to the shortage of teacher’s helpers. She specially appreciated Ranmalee’s voluntary help and also she requested from parents to guide and follow up children’s homework. Furthermore it was also revealed that the “Students Diaries” which were introduced in the past were not being maintained and need to be read and signed regularly by the Parents.

2.2  School Attendance

Seedevi stressed the importance of the commitment of parents to send children on time and without absenteeism. and requested the parents to inform , in advance ,if their children are unable to attend for a prolonged period, so that the teachers can organize helpers to schedule classes accordingly.

Wasantha Muthumala made a suggestion to have some sort of a  attendance report and present it at the end of the term .

Suranjith expressed his idea, stating that an end of year award system should be on the basis of attendance so that ,this would encourage, and improve  childrens’ attendance.

3. Parent’s Feed Back

The success of the term end “Dana Program” that was  organized by Sunday School Children, was appreciated by the meeting members. Special mention to Hashan Aponsu and Kalani Wakkumbura, for their effort in conducting the program.

Quoting some problems faced by “Dana Program Committee” Maya pointed out that there was some difficulties when allocating food items, because they were unable to obtain a firm answer from some of the families, whether they were willing participate in the Dana.or about what they were willing to contribute. Because of this the organizing children, had to follow up several times to make sure that they had the required quantities and variety of food items.

Every one agreed with Maya’s request that all parent should give their fullest cooperation and guidance to the organizing children, without any hesitation in future events.

Pandula suggested preparing a roster so as to enable all children to take turns and participate in  organising the term end “Dana Program”

Jayatha Nanayakkara asked if there was any possibility of conducting school “Dana’ program on Sunday instead of Saturdays. But Gamini said, the Sunday Program in the Monastry  is mainly allocated  to the Laosian and Thai Buddhists from the beginning as they are the Founders of the Temple, but agreed to discuss about the option with their Buddhist leaders.

“Wesak “Bakti Geetha”

Lalith mentioned some that few  shortcomings of the organizing vere noticed, during  the last “Bakti Geetha” event . For example missing out on the “Gilan Pasa Pooja” for Monks. So he stressed that we should  have a preplanned well set program for the next time. He also mentioned that the program needs to be discussed and agreed  with Ven Jinalankara prior to the next event.

Responding to the individual parents’ feed back request from the Chairperson all parents attended to the meeting expressed their satisfaction of Sunday School performance and appreciated, very much, all teachers’ contribution.

Music Practice:

The question, whether the “Singing Practice” is to be an item of “Sinhala Class” or an item of the Music Circle, was then discussed. Pandula and Seedevi suggested the “Singing Practice” should be a part of the Sinhala Class but Singing practice times need to be arranged after “Sinhala Lessons” at 12 pm on Sunday and someone should take the leadership and responsibility, to co-ordinate the activity.

Lalith made the  comment that  the Singing Practice is a great help to improve pronunciation skills of children

Everyone agreed that the Singing practice should continue after school from 12 until 12.30pm and Wimal requested the teachers to  discuss with Madhura and Sumudu about the best way to co-ordinate and run this activity.

Suranjith made a suggestion that Sunday School Children can get an opportunity to participate in the activities of conducting the currently ongoing “Sinhala Community” Radio Program. All parents approved this suggestion. The presenters Geethani and Sadun to be requested to look into ways of achieving this.

Sara suggested that, it would be an encouragement for the children if we are able to advertise their representation (Sinhala School) when they perform in public events.

All parents agreed that this is good and agreed to give more thought to this suggestion, at our future community events.

4. School Accounts:

In the absents of Hon Treasurer Athula Wanasinghe  Gamini informed that  the accounts as at   7th July: 2005 was  $782.00

Cash in Hand with Wimal-Video Library  $469.10. Wimal mentioned that he had already handed over $300 to the school funds from the Video funds this year.

Balance on hand (Athula) and expenses will be distributed ASAP

5. Any Other Matters:

SLCLS Web Site: Until now the web hosting has been done, free of charge, by Actrix Networks Ltd., Lalith De Silva’s employer. Now Lalith is moving to an other place but as a favour to Lalith, Actrix Networks has agreed to continue the free hosting, until the end of this year. This means that from January 2006 the web hosting fee would be approximate 12.50 per month plus an annual registration fee of $45

In appreciation of this kind gesture, Wimal volunteered to write a a letter of thanks to Actrix Networks Ltd..

WImal mentioned about the forthcoming “Dana”, on 17th September, to commemorate the passing away of Deepthi Wijesekera, and requested any one interested to contribute  by way of “Pirikara”

6. Office Bearers for Term 4/2005

§         Co-ordinator :       Mahinda Jayasinghe

§         Secretary:           Bandula Widanpathirana

§         Treasurer:            Athula Wanasinghe

§         Editor:                 Wimal Herath


Bandula Widanapathirana                                                                               

Secretary, Parents’ Group.